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Car Paint Tester Introduction

The Car Paint Tester is a portable obd2 obdii coating thickness gauge,which can meansure the thickness of non-metallic coating(such as paint,film,etc.) On netal substrate quickly,nondestructively,and accuratly.It is mainly used to measure the thickness of the vehicle’s surface paint and other coating meaurement.

Car Paint Tester Parameters

Car Paint Tester Button Functions
1.Botton”CLR”:Turn on/off,clear.
2.Botton”UNIT”:Unit Switch,backlight

Car Paint Tester Operation Instructions

1.Measurement preparation

Open battery cover and load two CR2032 button batteries(Not Includes); Pay attention to positive and negative pole.

2.Turn on/off

Leave the instrument hang in the air and press”CLR”button to turn it on,LCD full screen display,which means it enters the measurement state.Then long press”CLR”button to turn it off.

Note:Keep it away from the substrate when starting up.

Press the probe onto the coated metal substrate lightly,ensure that the instrument should be perpendicular to the surface of the object that being measured.
Note:When the probe was pressed on the substrate,the LCD will display”—“,then you must wait unit the measurement value displayed the LCD,then remove it from the substrate.If removing before a value is displayed,it will display the last measured value.
4.Unit selection
After start-up,short press”UNIT”button to select measurement unit mm or mil.
5.LCD backlight
After start-up,long press”UNIT”button to turn on/off the backlight.
6.Clear screen data
After start-up,press”CLR”button to clear the data displayed on LCD screen.
7.Power off automatically

The Car Paint Tester will power off automatically if two minutes no operation after start-up.And it will power off automatically as well after five minutes start-up,even when you are operating it.

Note: If The Screen Show You “OL” It Means Over Range,Can Test Range(0-1.80mm/0-71.0mil)

43 reviews for Car Paint Tester – Thickness Gauge Meter

  1. V***h

    Thickness gauge according to the description, extremely accurate readings. excellent store service, fast shipment, well packed 12 days shipping and tracking all the way. thank you very much seller.

  2. A***r

    A good pusher, measure normally. all is correct. i do not have any complaints. i recommend, quite a working tool.

  3. A***r

    Working tool. inexpensive. thanks to the store.

  4. A***r

    The goods are good. I did not check on work. For such money even super ….

  5. S***v

    In appearance, everything is good in the work has not yet tried!

  6. V***h

    The thickness gauge exactly corresponds to the description, the indicators within the declared error. very good store service, sent on the day of order, packing reliable, delivery 11 days with full tracking until receipt. i recommend the seller and the store. thank you.

  7. V***h

    Thickness gauge is fully consistent with the description. good service, fast shipment, 11 days delivery with full tracking until receipt. recommend. thanks!

  8. R***V

    The order was not lost, the status was that it was expected to be sent, but the order came within 2 weeks. The store wrote, responds promptly. The order in the case did not check. And so everyone is happy. + 5

  9. I***u

    Review on channel auto blog

  10. A***v

    Until i tried, there are no batteries included.

  11. J***l

    Everything is alright. I recommend it

  12. A***n

    Everything works well came very quickly two weeks to kursk prodovets advise

  13. D***v

    I bought it to be!!! It can be useful once or twice a year!!! Checked on the car works!!! Putty shows!.

  14. H***l

    The product came fast, it’s the description and what matters is that it works well, he does his job. Satisfied with purchase

  15. P***r

    Thank you very much

  16. R***r

    I haven’t tried it yet. Came quickly

  17. A***v

    Fast delivery! in appearance everything is well done! in business has not yet tried.

  18. F***d

    Excellent thickness gauge, works exactly

  19. A***v

    Purchase satisfied.

  20. A***w

    super all is okei

  21. I***v

    Great option. Everything works. Batteries Not Included

  22. A***k

    Excellent device, its money is worth it.

  23. A***v

    It came in five days with delivery to Moscow. In appearance, the quality is good for work I can not say anything, since there are no batteries in the kit. I’ll sign it later.

  24. G***.


  25. G***s


  26. P***r

    Meter good quality and, damage only that wyskalowany what 50 micron, not what 10. recommend salesman.

  27. R***a

    The goods came in time shows almost exactly a little overhang the indication and so for this money norms

  28. Y***v

    All at the highest level, tracked in each locality, came quickly enough, everything works perfectly! Seller best

  29. A***n

    Externally, very high quality made. The day of testing (shows exactly) delivery from Russia 5 days. can be taken.

  30. A***o

    Made soundly, putty determines.

  31. C***s

    Thank you ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  32. Y***v

    It would be that the kit had batteries and a portable cover.

  33. Y***r

    Everything is fine

  34. V***v

    Everything is clear, delivery two days to home, the device shows correctly.

  35. V***k

    Jó to termék

  36. A***r

    works great very accurate fast shipping to israel

  37. H***z

    Looks perfect, working fine, very fast delivery, Highly Recommended store, 5 stars..

  38. R***k

    Everything works, delivery week edge one and a half to Saransk

  39. D***V

    The parcel was a month, but everything is intact, until I checked, without batteries, the store recommend

  40. Y***v

    The device is super! Shows well!!! Checked on your own car!!! Seller 5 +!!!

  41. S***v

    Thickness gauge delivered on time, packed well, without damage, in a branded box, with instructions. The device of the amateur level, but it performs its task, to find putty and rough repainting it can, but no more, it is a budget device, and to measure the Micronas of the LKP it can not. My sample has a problem, the battery leaves, but it’s solved. I recommend to buy.

  42. Z***z

    It came in just 10 days, works exactly, checked, ordered without batteries. bought batteries under the number 2032, everything works

  43. M***p

    The quality is decent, some values show how accurate it is-it’s hard to judge, I’ll check later)

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