MINILOVE® Natural Ejaculation Delay Spray

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The MINILOVE® Natural Ejaculation Delay Spray helps prevent rapid ejaculation, prolongs duration during intercourse, which brings better and powerful orgasm.

✔ Prolong sex duration
✔ Delay men’s orgasm
✔ Anti premature ejaculation
✔ Reduces male genital sensifivity
✔ Intense sexual pleasure

🍌 Order your MINILOVE® Natural Ejaculation Delay Spray today and be that greatest lover to your partner!

🍌 The MINILOVE® Natural Ejaculation Delay Spray works in a way that puts an end to all your premature ejaculation woes.

🍌 Get into every sexual encounter with confidence that you will last longer than your partner!

Benefits of using MINILOVE® Natural Ejaculation Delay Spray

✔ Improve sexual stamina 😜
✔ Effectively relieve premature ejaculation 💦
✔ Helps you delay your ejaculation 🕗
✔ Lasting longer means more satisfying sex 💕
✔ Quick-acting formula, works 10 minutes after application 🍆

Main Ingredients of MINILOVE® Natural Ejaculation Delay Spray:

🍀 Syzgium aromaticum
🍀 Cordyceps Sinesis
🍀 Herba Cistanches
🍀 Hibiscus Esculentus
💊 Vitamin E

Specifications of MINILOVE® Natural Ejaculation Delay Spray

Bottle size 10 ml
One bottle in one box
Delay Spray for external use

Instructions of MINILOVE® Natural Ejaculation Delay Spray

Spray on the glans penis and coronary sulcus
Apply 10 minutes before sexual intercourse
Use small amount in the beginning
Effectivity lasts up to 60 minutes
Not suitable for oral
Not recommended if partner is pregnant
Try to spray in swabbing uniform motion
If first use has little effect, adjust spray amount 2 – 3 times
Do not spray more than 3 times in one session
Avoid contact with eyes
Wash if uncomfortable
Keep away from children
Does not prevent sexually transmitted disease
Consult your doctor if you experience side effects

How long does it last?

The results may vary depending on the person’s body, health condition, and general well being. On average the product lasts 45 mins to 60 mins per application.

Will it work to desensitize my partner?

If you apply the suggested amount around 10 minutes before sexual contact, this allows product to be absorbed into the penis. You may rinse with water after you feel the effects so there will be no desensitizing effect with your partner.

How to apply?

Simply apply 1-3 times on the penis head. Make sure to apply also on the shaft of the penis. Gently massage for 30 sec after every spray to evenly spread the formula.


This powerful delay spray helps enhance your love making. It can easily be carried discreetly in your pocket, so you get that much needed help if your going to have sex.

Get your ejaculation under control and extend your love making sessions. Longer sex ensures your partner is satisfied again and again. This strengthens your bond and your live with one another.

The MINILOVE® Natural pleasure spray is extracted from pure natural plants that are safe and effective in dealing with sexual issues of premature ejaculation and over sensitive penile head.

Just a light spritz over your erect penis 10 minutes before sex is all you need. The 10ml bottle is compact so you can easily apply it in the bathroom. As soon as you feel that slight numbing effectm you’ll know that it has kicked in

You’re now free to confidently enjoy that sexually passionate romp with your waiting lucky lover.

Most importantly, it does not burn the skin like Lidocaine-containing sprays. Your sex experience is long, painless and enjoyable.

Do you want to get bigger penis? make sex love more happier?

Get the MINILOVE® Natural Ejaculation Delay Spray now for that longer and more satisfying love making you can only dream of. Order now!


39 reviews for MINILOVE® Natural Ejaculation Delay Spray

  1. A***

    This is a good product. There is no proprietary blend. Within one week my workouts became noticeably easier. I felt better pumps, less fatigue and increased strength/stamina. I have taken similar products at a much higher price. Would recommend.

  2. Customer


  3. Customer

    It looks pretty good. Now the evidence comes. Packing well and private. I arrive within the deadline. I’ll add extra comment later.

  4. V***i

    Well packaged, fast delivery. Works. Recommendation, I am satisfied

  5. Customer

    It’s not anesthesia. It’s really different thing. My dick and me can be buzzing for hours. 😉

  6. U***v

    Conforms to

  7. S***u

    Thanks store for the fast delivery I did not tray I will come back with a feedback

  8. Customer

    Good works anesthesia for Ras al-Zab I will ask for what I have

  9. Z***k

    i will give you 5 star it really works !

  10. D***v

    I didn’t expect it to work!

  11. L***i

    Very Good!

  12. G***y

    Really fast summer

  13. Customer

    came today, little bit delayed but nice i haven’t use it yet but hope to do in few day. nice store thanks

  14. F***r

    Very fast reception

  15. S***c

    The parcel came earlier than I expected the product did not check the product and the chickens thank you

  16. A***v

    Made my Banana straight for several hours.

  17. M***N

    I’ve tried. It took exactly 70 minutes. My wife and I are happy.

  18. F***a

    I’ve tried. It worked very well for me to have an effect the first time.

  19. C***n

    All ok!!!

  20. Customer

    All works like please. Recommend.

  21. *.

    The order of November 30, in Las-Vegas came on December 5. Everything is intact, in the parcel two boxes, thought the store was mistaken, in the photo one box and two bubbles, it turns out every bubble in such a box) Seller recommend

  22. J***N

    Thank you

  23. J***e

    All right, we have to try.

  24. H***d

    Thank you guys. Last night is longest night for me. 🙂

  25. R***z

    excellent material good product fast shipping same as in the picture highly recommend I do give you 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ thank you and Best Regards.

  26. H***i

    Everything perfect

  27. A***V

    The order was received, all as in the description. In but right he went very long.

  28. Customer

    Is working

  29. R***s


  30. A***u

    The goods did not receive, returned the money.

  31. Customer

    Just to Satisfy My Darling

  32. Customer

    Minilove working very good. Recommend!

  33. G***v

    Thank you Shopenium. Minilove works very good.

  34. 9***r

    Really Effectice

  35. S***s

    Arrived in just 1 week

  36. K***v

    The goods came quickly the remedy has not yet tried

  37. F***s

    I tested. It works as described.

  38. O***e

    Hello I received my order thank you

  39. H***r

    Thank you came very quickly!!

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