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Ovula is a small wearable device that instantly stops period pain. By emitting low-frequency electric pulses to overload the nerves and stop the pain signals from traveling to the brain.
No signals? No pain. Period.

  • Specifically designed for period pain relief
  • FDA approved
  • Battery life of up to 8 hours
  • 100- Day money-back guarantee
  • Free worldwide shipping

Frustrated at the lack of solutions for period pain?

We hear you. Had enough of popping 100s of pills each month? Us too. Sick of missing out just because you have a uterus? Let’s fix that.

Thanks to science, period pain can now be optional.


Period with no technicalities: drug free, cruelty-free & non-toxic. Safe to use on your soft place when times get tough.


Works instantly


Body Safe

We are CE marked, TGA registered and FDA approved. 

Aka tested, tried and medically graded.


Female powered

Let’s get technical


100% Risk Free

Sounds too good to be true? We get that. A lot.

Ovula uses Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), a technology that has been around since the 1980’s and has successfully been used to manage acute and chronic pain in many other areas. But just like many other areas in women’s health, we haven’t had the option to utilize it for period pain until now.

That’s right, we offer a 30-day money back GUARANTEE. If Ovira doesn’t work for you (for whatever reason) you can return her at no extra charge. Simply get in touch via email ([email protected]) and let us know you would like to return your Ovula. We will then send you an email with a paid parcel label and further instructions. We got you. 

***Due to Covid-19 we are now seeing shipping delays of up to 28 days, we apologize for this inconvenience!***

We are shipping FREE OF CHARGE – worldwide. For orders within Australia or the US expect to receive Ovula in 2-4 business days. For orders from other countries, please expect to receive Ovula within 4-7 business days. If you have any questions about shipping, get in touch via [email protected]

Questions? We've got answers.

We are confident she will, but in case she doesn’t (we know no uterus is the same), you can send her back FREE of charge. Learn more under our 100-day money-back guarantee.

Ovira is intended for the relief of primary menstrual pain (dysmenorrhoea). She may also help to relieve the pain of secondary menstrual pain due to conditions such as endometriosis, fibroids, PCOS, adenomyosis or pelvic inflammatory disease.

Any questions? Get in touch via [email protected] – we love to chat about all things. Period.

Ovula is medically graded and clinically tested. She is CE marked, TGA registered and FDA approved.

Ovula is a proudly Australian TENS machine developed specifically and uniquely for menstrual cramps. She is medically certified and is CE marked, FDA approved and TGA registered.

Our founder Alice actually developed Ovula to help alleviate her own debilitating pain from endometriosis. Ovula is for endo, PCOS, adenomyosis and anyone else who experiences mild to severe menstrual cramps.

We think its time brands started to recognize the people it’s trying to help. We hear you.

Ovula has been specifically developed for use on your lower abdomen and lower back area. By using Ovula in these areas you may find that your pain in other areas is alleviated also.

Ovula is intended for the relief of primary menstrual pain (dysmenorrhea). It may also help to relieve the pain of secondary menstrual pain due to conditions such as endometriosis, fibroids, PCOS, adenomyosis or pelvic inflammatory disease.

Ovula applies a small electrical current through two compression pads that are placed over nerve roots that supply the sensory fibres to the uterus – these are called dermatomes T10, T11 and T12. Once in place and turned on, the current prevents the pain signals from travelling to the brain, and causes the muscles in the uterine area to relax, resulting in a calming analgesic effect.

Ovira is safe to use and has undergone heavy testing to get approved by all regulating bodies. She is FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved and CE marked.

The electrical current pulsing through the Love Handles feels like gentle vibrations. You control the intensity.

15 reviews for Ovula – Period Pain Massager

  1. Andrea W.

    For years I have dealt with horrible, painful periods. Excessive cramping has made the first 2 days of my cycle almost unbearable.
    Finding Ovula was a miracle that I did not know I needed. After my first use, I instantly felt better. The excruciating pain was gone! I was able to sleep, work, and get through my day as if I were not on my period.
    You must give her a try, she will NOT disappoint.

  2. Matilda B.

    First cycle since receiving my Ovula and she is great! I’m usually incapacitated for the first couple days but I’m up and about and functioning (to the extent that anyone is able to function during a global pandemic…). Thanks gals!

  3. Jackie P.

    Thank you Ovula!!!!!!!! You are the single reason that I can actually live my life and carry on with my daily routines. I work in retail so I am on my feet all day, every day. I suffer from PCOS pains every single month, but not with Ovula!! Tada! At last, something that actually works, instantly helps me to feel better so that I can stand on my own feet again, something that helps me to sleep through at night, walk around like normal… Seriously, who has time to stop living life?!?

  4. Shiree C.

    Being able to take a break from the pain. Knowing there is something that can help that doesn’t involve leaving the house. Using less painkillers and using Ovula while waiting for pain killers to kick in. Distracting my brain from the pain. Relaxion tool. Not as traumatized by the onset of acute pain

  5. Kimberly D.

    Amazing. It has helped me avoid going to emergency (in combination with painkillers) and has allowed me to continue working on days when I would otherwise be bedridden.

  6. Cathy D.

    As someone who has PCOS, Endo, Adeno and spends 9 out of every 10 days in bed I just want to say thank you for actually creating a product that works, Its so nice to find a brand to follow that i can relate to. Also thank you to Alice who responded to my email and ended up calling me – probably the best customer service I’ve had.

  7. Sammy M.

    What a magical little device. It was day one of my period and the panic of the pain about to come was kicking in. I put the Ovula and LITERALLY WOWZAS the major pain never came and the vibrations took away the moderate pain I was in. Ended up wearing it pretty much non stop for the next 4 days and am still wondering how I haven’t had something like this sooner.

  8. Jade W.

    Absolutely love it. From the packaging, to more importantly, the relied it brings.
    I’ve had a TENS before, and it wasn’t as good as this. The thing I love is that the current is consistent and it goes up nice and high for when the pain really kicks in. The pads are the perfect size.
    I also love that the remote is tiny and clips to your pants easily. Definitely will be recommending.

  9. Sonya R.

    I have now bought two Ovula’s since the company launched. I got a personalized letter in the mail from the founder Alice thanking me for my support in the early stages of her journey. A nice touch 🙂

  10. Nichola E.

    I thought it was packaged well, presented well and easy to use and I couldn’t fault the way it was set up. I found that the pads weren’t super sticky for my skin type, they didn’t stick so well after a few uses, but nothing that my granny panties didn’t solve. But apart from that… MAGICAL

  11. Carly T.

    This device literally changed my life. Since I was in high school I remember I would have to leave school if I got my period because my cramps were so bad. On my city bus ride home I would have to get off on so many stops before my house just so I could throw up and hop back on the next bus. Fast forward to my late 20’s and it’s still the same but
    Read more about review stating God bless whoever made this
    now I would be leaving my job and throwing up in my car on my way home.
    Since I got this device I have not felt anything but the faint vibration/buzz thing. For anyone that has cramps like I did this will change your life for the better. I can now not stress about what I have planned and if it’ll happen to fall on my first day of period with cramps and nausea from ****.

  12. Bronte S.

    I am currently a gymnastics coach and I really really struggle with period pain as I have to be energetic and on my feet all day. I have been using Ovula for 2 cycles now and the product has worked great.

  13. Aliyah H.

    Super skeptical (think i stalked your website like 20 times lol) but IT WORKS. GAHHHHH thank you.

  14. Tina P.

    I want to be honest, it didn’t help much with putting on my stomach but I use it on my back and it’s really helpful in relieving that pain. I do want to note I have a really rare nerve pain condition which is why it may upset my stomach area, but am so happy with how it works when i use it on my lower back.

  15. Madi M.

    I’ve used my Ovula for one cycle so far, excited to keep using it for the rest of the year to see how I go.

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