Painless Electric Eyebrow Remover

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This #1 Rated Epilator is our solution to keeping your eyebrows fabulous and flawless every hour of the day and every day of the week.

Say goodbye to the awkward eyebrow days when your brows have started to grow out but it is not yet time to thread or wax. Take this Browsable eyebrow epilator wherever you go and erase unwanted facial hair and peach fuzz instantly and painlessly! Now there is no reason to not have perfect brows always!

Unlike tweezing, threading and waxing, which can be very painful and cause skin damage, the Browsable epilator is an excellent alternative, providing safe hair removal that is absolutely painless! You can do it yourself in the comfort of your own home – no threading, waxing appointments needed! Convenient for quick touch-ups!


  • Special Design: This trimmer uses a smooth pivoting head to gently follow the natural contours of the skin to closely trim unwanted hair on the face, chin, and neck without causing any pulls, cuts, redness or irritation
  • Stylish, Safe & Effective: Delicate an 18-karat gold plated head that is anti-allergenic and safe to the touch. It is compatible with all skin types, and immediately smoothes skin without the pain or redness associated with waxing
  • Ingenious Lighting Design: Built-in soft LED light, so that you can use it in a dimly lit environment, also clearly confirm whether the hair is completely cleared. Humanized design is only for you
  • Portable Size: Portable lipstick size makes it convenient to be put in your bag, during a party, traveling or business trip, you can put it in your purse or pocket for on-the-go use it anytime, anywhere

It is so easy to use – simply hold it like a pencil and it works just like an eraser. Its micro-precision technology that works above, below and between brows and as well toward the hairline.

Confess the love for your brows! It leaves the skin feeling smooth, perfect for makeup applications after. Browsable will definitely be the favorite thing to pack in your makeup bag!

Material: ABS+stainless steel
Product size: 17*2.5cm
Single product weight: 55/85g(Opp packaging)
Color:Pure white/Rose/Black
Power Supply: 1*AAA battery(not include Battery)
USB Charging Style

The revolutionary eyebrow removal technology removes excess eyebrows painlessly and harmlessly to achieve the purpose of beauty.

Compared with the traditional eyebrow removal method, it is simpler, more convenient and more effective;

Nanotechnology micro motor, more stable work, low noise, longer life

At 12,000 revolutions per minute, high-speed rotation creates a strong shear force to remove excess eyebrows.
The unique protective cover does not harm the skin.

IP7 waterproof rating, direct washing with water, more convenient operation and easier maintenance

The cutter head can be removed and replaced. Maximize cyclic use and extend service life.

Products real shot


Tungsten steel cutter

Item Type

Eyebrow Trimmer

Power Source

Dry Battery

Product type

Electric Eyebrow Trimmer

40 reviews for Painless Electric Eyebrow Remover

  1. Customer

    There is a bit of a learning curve but this product is awesome. I hate plucking my eyebrows and I’m allergic to wax, this was very precise and easy to use. You do have to do a few passes but I took my bushy eyebrows to manecured arches in less than 20 mins. I imagine touch ups will be less than 5 mins.

  2. Customer

    I just got this today and tested it out, this is one of the most magical pieces of machinery the world has created! With a 4 month old it’s not the easiest to get time in a day to go and get my eyebrows done as often as I would like, this wonder stick has just made it quicker and easier to do a perfect clean up. My hair grows quickly and it’s thick, this bad boy managed to go thru it with no issue at all.

  3. Customer

    Awesome product. Does what it says very nice product case, would by again. Buying for more for Christmas presents.

  4. Customer

    Easy to use

  5. Customer

    I have been using this for the past few days and am happy to have given this a try. I have a very sensitive skin and thin eyebrows so threading or waxing causes extreme pain and rash. Going to salon for eyebrow shaping has always been a nightmare experience for me. Am glad i found this product. Very easy to use and more importantly zero pain. It serves the purpose of removing the stray hair. The finish is not same as threading or waxing. Roots are seen a little when looked closely. But for a person like me with light eyebrow this surely serves the purpose. Follow the instruction as is. Gently roll it and not drag it. Have to use in the same spot multiple times. I have used it for upper lip too.It works even more perfectly here than eyebrows. After using it for the first time i was a bit worried if my upper lip hair growth would be thicker or rough . Fortunately it was not. I use it about once in 7days and am surely loving this!

  6. Customer

    Oh, how this small thing makes my life easier!. Jump out of the shower, less than 1 minute eyebrows maintenance and I am ready to go! Finally no pain no struggle. I use it above my lip too. Once you get how to use it-what is easy- you will make a major cleaning and shaping of your eyebrows, after that just keep maintaining.

  7. Customer

    I ordered two pens. One to test and one as a backup if the first test failed. Didn’t wanna go around with ‘half-brow’. I read the instructions thoroughly and familiarized myself with the product before using.Actual use of the product is nothing short of impressive. I use it daily. No irritation to the skin and no pulling or tugging. I’m glad I read the reviews. They helped my experience be successful and rewarding. Thank you all for your contributions.

  8. Customer

    it wasn’t it does my eyebrows phenomenally I am just completely amazed yes every now and then I have to pluck a hair you know here in there but beyond that it does not hurt it gets every here you just have to keep it clean with the little brush that they give you and make sure that after you’re done that you clean it and you just take care of it and it will last you forever because this thing is unbelievable.

  9. Customer

    I love this thing!!! My eyebrows have never looked so good!!! it’s so easy to use & painless!! I had no redness after & I love it. I used to pluck my eyebrows but now Im only going to use this!

  10. Customer

    Very good product. Always had to tweeze before. Now just a few swipes I am done.

  11. Customer

    I really liked this product. It is light, and easy to control. It did a good job getting the hairs under my brow and above. I used to tweeze those hairs but no more. It came on time and well packaged. I would recommend this Seller. A++

  12. Customer

    So glad I bought this brow trimmer it’s so much easier than using tweezers I love this product work wonderful.

  13. Customer

    I love this product. I can get up close to my brows to get the stray hairs. I love using it between my eyes to get to easily remove those stray hairs. It makes getting ready much easier and quicker. Plucking takes me much longer. This is very speedy and easy, as well as precise.

  14. Customer

    This really works for all of the little old ladies like myself with bad eyesight. Would make a great gift due to the packaging. Trims the area with ease and i highly recommend this product.

  15. Customer

    I love being able to remove the hair quickly & easily. I haven’t had issues with pain or irritation. It performs exactly as advertised. I’m not sure how I lived without it!

  16. Customer

    i got mine yesterday and i couldn’t wait to try it. it is amazing! how i wished i knew this product from a long time ago, now i could save my money twice a week to go to a waxing salon and most of the time they don’t even do a good job. i highly recommend this product!

  17. Customer

    My girls and I love the eyebrow hair remover.

  18. Customer

    I had one exactly like this one, but it broke after a year of use. Which was fair to me. It’s cheaper than getting my eyebrows waxed and I love how it works

  19. Customer

    Excellent product. Use for eyebrows

  20. Customer

    It’s a great hair remover, but use it when you have a little time to spend. Takes a while. The easiest way to do it is to use it a little every day. I recommend!

  21. Customer

    I used it to shape and clean my eyebrows. It’s a wonderful tool for your beauty kit.

  22. Customer

    When I first got this thing the noise scared me tbh lmao but it works really good and it doesn’t hurt at all . The only downside is it leaves stubbles but you just have to get it closer to the skin to prevent that. It’s super easy to use and only takes a minute to have the perfect eyebrows. This would be a good Christmas/birthday gift for someone . I totally would recommend this .

  23. Customer

    Color options. Easy to use. I use on facial hair as well even though I have the sister-product to this.

  24. Customer

    Works exactly like I thought it would.

  25. Customer

    Works pretty well for me. I may buy like it seems to work well. a second one for travel.

  26. Customer

    This works great on my eyebrows. It’s easy to use, painless, and does a good job.

  27. Customer

    GREAT PRODUCT. My mustache poof gone. I hope it doesn’t grow thicker but right now it’s great!

  28. Customer

    Amazing product and workmanship for the price advertised ….

  29. Customer

    My wife do her hair brow I do my Mustache Great Thank you

  30. Customer

    Well I was feeling like a Sasquatch. Then Got me a Flashless touch and Oh MY GOSH! The way it touches my body was amazing. It whispered gentlely with each gliding touch. I now am well groomed and not afraid to go out with my eyebrows! Getchu OnE! Well worth the money.

  31. U***r

    Great product! I bought two – 1 for me and 1 for my teenage daughter. She wasn’t too sure about it when she saw it but actually told me it was pretty nice. Looking to save money by letting us not having to go get our eyebrows waxed every two weeks. Now we can actually do them ourselves at home, in the car, wherever whenever. And being rechargeable we don’t have to keep buying batteries. Highly recommend.

  32. Customer

    Really great tool. Exactly what I needed and came on time for Christmas. Would buy again!

  33. Customer

    I just got this and only used it once. It worked very well. After my first use I realized some the thicker hairs might need tweezed before use next time. Will take a little practice to be a pro at it but so far I’m pleased with the way it cuts and trims. I was a little skeptical but it did just what it’s advertised to do.

  34. Customer

    excellent product, fine finish, recharges fast and its battery is durable.

  35. Customer

    So far, does as it says, no painful aftershave, also shaves off facial hair.

  36. Customer

    More than anything I hate plucking my eyebrows within 30 seconds all the little hairs around my eyebrows were gone I even was able to use it around my lips love this product.

  37. Customer

    Very effective in removing unwanted facial hair! And compact enough to fit in my purse, so it’s perfect for travel!! I love that it’s rechargeable and not battery operated, it’s so much more convenient

  38. Customer

    Very easy to understand when charging , maneuvering between & above and under your eyebrows is much easier than using tweezers. I love this item!

  39. Customer

    I like this product very much as I can use it anytime to remove my eyebrows as well as upper lip in a painless way. Goodbye to painful threading. This product is easy to carry, rechargeable and has stylish appearance. Much satisfied.

  40. Customer

    I use it for eyebrows and peach fuss on upper lip.

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