Professional Portable Ring Softbox

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Do you want to carry the heaviest backpack around? If not, then we are on the same line. An extra heavy and large softbox can be cumbersome and make a shoot a lot more tiring. Fortunately for you, Professional Portable Ring Softbox, weighs only 0.20 kg and it’s coming with its own Carrying Bag.

Become a professional photographer and turn your shootings into something better and unforgettable. Give your models the best experience.


  • Professional flash diffuser in a ring shape, perfect for any photographer;
  • No need for extra cable or power supply. Simply mount it on the camera and you are good to go;
  • Perfect for portraits, products, close-up photography, and many more, in the studio or on the go;
  • Shadowless illumination, easy to use for professional results;
  • It offers the perfect soft light. There are no hotspots or dark areas on the front surface;
  • Weighs only 0.20kg, extremely easy to carry & to use;
  • Max. diameter: 43cm/17inch; Inner diameter: 7cm/2.5inch; Outer diameter: 18cm/7inch;
  • Coming with its own Carrying bag;
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Professional Portable Ring Softbox fits most DSLRs with standard telephoto lenses & flash combos. Check the compatibility below for most of Speedlite Flashes.

Canon600EX/580EXII/580EX/550EX/540EZ/430EXII/430EX/420EZ/380EX etc.
NikonSB910/SB900/SB800/SB700/SB600/SB80DX/SB28/SB26/SB24 etc.
Sony F60M/F58AM/F56AM/F43AM/F42AM/F36AM etc.
Pentax AF540FGZ/AF500FTZ/AF360FGZ etc.
Olympus FL-600R/FL-50R/FL-36R etc.

Sigma EF-610/EF-530/EF-500 etc.







Highlights the eyes of people

Package Weight

0.255kg (0.56lb.)

Package Size

20cm x 20cm x 3cm (7.87in x 7.87in x 1.18in)


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